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Mise à jour à la 4

Sisulizer 4 is a payés mise à jour recommendée pour tous les clients de Sisulizer 1.x, 2008/2010 et 3.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Vous utilisez encore Sisulizer 1.x, Sisulizer 2008/2010 ou Sisulizer 3?

Il est temps de mettre à jour à la version 4 pour profiter des nouvelles fonctions des versions 4.

News sur le logiciel de localisation

Version 4 Build 374 libéré


La nouvelle version a de nouvelles fonctions. [plus]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Nos clients utilisent Sisulizer...

portée clients internationaux avec le logiciel dans leur langue

pour localiser leurs interne logiciel dans les filiales internationales

construire multilingue logiciel personnalisé pour les entreprises de leurs clients

comme Les fournisseurs de services de localisation parce que c'est l'outil de localisation de leurs clients

pour localiser le logiciel à gouvernement Agences

À enseigner les logiciels localisation dans les universités

pour la localisation de logiciels sur électronique Dispositifs

Traduction de logiciels pour biomédical Matériel

pour localiser le logiciel dans la Mining L'industrie

créer un logiciel mulitlingual pour mécanique Ingénierie


Lire ce que les utilisateurs pensent de Sisulizer

"Nous vous aidons dans notre forum. Et vous aimez ça."

Avis de notre forum du support technique

Voici une sélection de ce que pensent nos clients de Sisulizer et de notre aide dans le forum. Cliquez sur le nom d'utilisateur pour afficher les sujets du forum que nous citons.

  • "Hi Markus, Thanks for fast reply. I imported the file as normal XML-file not as android value file. Now \n is represented correctly."
  • "Hello Ilkka, thanks for implementing this feature. Now it is really more comfortable."
  • "This fix solves the problem. Thank you for your fast support."
  • "Thank you very much for addressing our request so quickly."
  • "Thank you, Ilkka. This really helped me! I appreciate your super fast support!"
  • "Fixed, thanks for the excellent support."
  • "Thank you for your responsiveness to this issue !"
  • "Thank you very much for your quick, kind and very competent support - it was my pleasure."
  • "confirmed, works here too, thank you for the superfast!! support."
  • "I'm impressed, my boss was impressed, and this has sold us on Sisulizer."
  • "Thank you for your wonderful support, Sisulizer is great software!"
  • "Great product, nothing is ever this easy to use! Just few minutes after installing Sisulizer I was working on the actual translations of my software, no messing about with anything technical or difficult, just straight to the point. Beautiful!"
    Antti K. (by email)
  • "Great! You are the best! You have the greatest support, I have ever seen!"
  • "I heard about rumors, Sisulizer development guys are very close to its users, I have to admit: they are close and listening really, and it is really unbelievable!"
  • "Thank you Jaakko. This is the fastest ever resolution of an issue from a vendor in my 20 years in the IT business. Great work. Thanks."
  • "Yes! Thanks for considering it. Also, I am impressed with the product as a whole, and support is great!"
    Ed the C
  • "Great ! Thank you very much ! This is the way it should be. Once I have postet my problem I got some workable tips and after a quit short time the problem itself is fixed ! I´m really glad about this (at least also our admin) :-) ! Thank you very much !"
  • "Thank you, Janusz. It is impressive that you guys reply so fast!"
  • "Thanks, you guys are truly awesome. You've got a sale :D."
  • "Great stuff, and thumbs up for all your quick replys and implementation."
  • "Thanks for all support! Sisulizer team has the best/fastest support I have come upon!" (Editor: small typo corrected)
  • "I see what you mean – just tried it and it's a much better way to do it (hey, this is good support!)."
  • "Thanks! I've tried out the new setting and it works like a charm! Well done! This will really make finding strings and resources much more intuitive."
  • "Following your advice my application works. Thank you for your help effective and expeditious"
  • "Thank you very much for the useful information! Now my problem is solved!"
  • "Wow!! Thank you very much!!!"
  • "I am constantly astonished by the features and support of Sisulizer. I've been internationalizing software since M********* 3 was state of the art, but no other product has yet given me the daily efficiency, quality and support like Sisulizer does. Also, the customers doing translations using the translator version really like the product and doesn't bomb me with support questions. (Editor: competitor's name hidden)"
  • "Thanks a lot man!!! This is a very great feature. ... By the way thanks for a great support! :)"
  • "I am pleasently surprised by the very good support of the whole Susilizer team and look forward to use Sisulizer for my localisation tasks."
  • "Really quick answers from you guys at Sisulizer, do you always answer this quickly? Talked to Markus previously and he also gave me very quick answers! I think your app is fantastic!"
  • "Thank you for the quick fix - very good support."
  • "Thank you very much for your reply and your outstanding efforts."
    Mario Howard)
  • "BTW: your answering times are really astonishing. We used to work with M********* for quite some time and they would have needed several months for answering let alone supply a patch! :-)" (Editor: competitor's name hidden)
    Markus Hastreiter
  • "Great! Thanks for the nice support and looking forward to see future versions of Sisulizer!"
  • "Its absolutly fantastic what you do, big thanks (to all of you), im absolutly satisfied with your help and support."
  • "Works great, thanks for the fast support. :)"
  • "Looking forward to hearing good news from Japan! Thanks for your excellent support!" (Editor: typo corrected)
    André Bitzer)
  • "You have excellent support, which is good to know before a purchase :)"
    Jacob Pedersen
  • "Fantastic service, much obliged..."
  • "Much obliged. Thanks for the excellent support."
  • "We are impressed with your support. Thanks for your answers."
  • "I am impressed you ability to fix and bring new features very very quickly. You competitors seems like frozen compare to you." (Editior: typos corrected)
  • "I knew I made a right localization choice"
  • "Thanks a lot for your great support!"
    and vvk80
  • "I agree that your product looks like a good investment and so far your support is very fast."

Nos clients utilisent Sisulizer pour localiser leurs applications en C, C++, C#, Delphi, Delphi.Net, Java, Qt, VB.NET ou en Visual Basic 6. S'ils ne localisent que leurs exécutables ou qu'ils ne traduisent que leur aide en ligne, leurs bases de données, des fichiers gnu.gettext ini, HTML ou XML. Ils ont une chose en commun. Ils aiment la localisation avec Sisulizer. N'attendez pas ! Essayez Sisulizer avec votre projet de localisation. Maintenant !

Sisulizer est utilisé dans les salles de classes de ces universités