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Mise à jour à la 4

Sisulizer 4 is a payés mise à jour recommendée pour tous les clients de Sisulizer 1.x, 2008/2010 et 3.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Vous utilisez encore Sisulizer 1.x, Sisulizer 2008/2010 ou Sisulizer 3?

Il est temps de mettre à jour à la version 4 pour profiter des nouvelles fonctions des versions 4.

News sur le logiciel de localisation

Version 4 Build 374 libéré


La nouvelle version a de nouvelles fonctions. [plus]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Nos clients utilisent Sisulizer...

portée clients internationaux avec le logiciel dans leur langue

pour localiser leurs interne logiciel dans les filiales internationales

construire multilingue logiciel personnalisé pour les entreprises de leurs clients

comme Les fournisseurs de services de localisation parce que c'est l'outil de localisation de leurs clients

pour localiser le logiciel à gouvernement Agences

À enseigner les logiciels localisation dans les universités

pour la localisation de logiciels sur électronique Dispositifs

Traduction de logiciels pour biomédical Matériel

pour localiser le logiciel dans la Mining L'industrie

créer un logiciel mulitlingual pour mécanique Ingénierie


News sur le logiciel de localisation



Tutorials updated You find our new tutorials for software localization beginners on our tutorials page

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018:
Support for .NET 4.7.1 and 4.7.2
Support for Windows Embedded Compact .NET 3.9
Support for .NET Core and .NET Standard

Free update for our customers.

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017

Sisulizer 4 Build 366 comes with Visual Studio support. It is available for immediate download. Download Sisulizer 4 Build 366 now..

For all users of our Update Alert mailing list: We had an issue that caused the mailing to announce Build 367. The correct build number is 366. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big.

Sisulizer first was released in 2006. Since then, we've received much valuable feedback from you, our customers - and we appreciate it. It's helped us create the world's best localization tool - for you.

Over the past 10 years, we've seen 15 Delphi, 9 .NET, 5 Windows, a bunch of Java, Database, Android, iOS and other platform releases. We've worked hard to quickly implement the newest localization features and offer the best support. Without your assistance, we'd never have made it happen. A big thank you for that!

But to celebrate our anniversary, we'd like to offer you more than just words. We'd like to give you, our long-term customers, a chance to update your Sisulizer version at the lowest price, ever.

Please visit our

Update- and Upgrade Calculator

You'll find your license key in the email you got from Share-It (Digital River), from us directly, or the reseller of your choice.
You can also find your current license key by opening the Help > Register section during your Sisulizer installation.
Just enter your email and license key, select your desired currency, and press Calculate Offer. Our calculator will work hard to give you the best offer for your license combination. Once it comes up with an update offer, you'll see an order link you can use instantly to purchase Version 4.
This Sisulizer update is also an excellent opportunity to verify your Sisulizer needs. Do you want to upgrade to a higher edition?
The Calculator may have already created the right order link for that - but do you need additional licenses? If you require assistance with this, don't hesitate to use our

Contact Form

Please include your license key. It will help us identify you in our license database.

If you've purchased more than one license, you might receive more than one email. In most cases, you just need to enter one of your license keys to obtain the right offer.

Delphi Berlin, Android, Project Merge...


Build 360 - What is new:

  • Support for Delphi 10.1 Berlin and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin added.
  • Support for Android values files (.e.g strings.xml) added.
  • File | Merge feature added. Merges another Sisulizer project into the current project.

Build 360 also comes with 17 improvements and a bunch of bug fixes. Read about them on our history page.

For all our Sisulizer 4 customers the new build is free of charge and can be downloaded from our download page.

Delphi 10, VS 2015, .NET 4.6


Up-to-date for the future. Sisulizer 4 build 358 comes with support for the latest updates of your most favourite platforms Delphi and .NET. Recently Delphi 10 Seattle and C++Builder 10 Seattle have been released. With Sisulizer you can start immediately to localize "Seattle" projects.

Our R&D also worked hard to test and improve Sisulizer with Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6. Even if you still use older version of these development tools: Sisulizer is ready for use with your newest platforms when you update your development gear.

The new build comes with many more improvements. Read about them on our history page.

For all our Sisulizer 4 customers the new build is free of charge and can be downloaded from our download page.

Windows 10, Delphi XE8


Ready for the future. The latest Sisulizer build 356 comes with support for Windows 10, Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8.

As always this is a free update for all Sisulizer 4 customers and can be downloaded from our download page..

Welcome 2015, Welcome VS 2015


Improved .NET support and more. The first build of Sisulizer in 2015 comes with support for Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6. In addition we added features requested by user of Sisulizer's machine translation feature. Now you can remove machine translations added with Sisulizer 4 Build 354. That's useful if machine translations have to be replaced by human translators work. Also the changed protocol of Microsoft Translator feature was implemented.

Customers of Sisulizer 4 can download the new build for free from here.

Delphi XE7


XE7 support added. The new build 352 of Sisulizer 4 comes with Delphi and C++ Builder XE7 support. All Sisulizer 4 customers can donwload the new build for free from our download page.