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Mise à jour à la 4

Sisulizer 4 is a payés mise à jour recommendée pour tous les clients de Sisulizer 1.x, 2008/2010 et 3.

Update to Sisulizer 4

Vous utilisez encore Sisulizer 1.x, Sisulizer 2008/2010 ou Sisulizer 3?

Il est temps de mettre à jour à la version 4 pour profiter des nouvelles fonctions des versions 4.

News sur le logiciel de localisation

Version 4 Build 374 libéré


La nouvelle version a de nouvelles fonctions. [plus]



Tutorials updated [...]

.NET Support updated


New in May 2018: [...]

Sisulizer 4 Build 366


Build 366 - support for Visual Studio 2017 [...]

10 Years Sisulizer


Celebrate and save Big. [...]

Nos clients utilisent Sisulizer...

portée clients internationaux avec le logiciel dans leur langue

pour localiser leurs interne logiciel dans les filiales internationales

construire multilingue logiciel personnalisé pour les entreprises de leurs clients

comme Les fournisseurs de services de localisation parce que c'est l'outil de localisation de leurs clients

pour localiser le logiciel à gouvernement Agences

À enseigner les logiciels localisation dans les universités

pour la localisation de logiciels sur électronique Dispositifs

Traduction de logiciels pour biomédical Matériel

pour localiser le logiciel dans la Mining L'industrie

créer un logiciel mulitlingual pour mécanique Ingénierie



"You have questions. We have the answers."

Your evaluation period runs out before you could test everything?

No problem, please contact us and we are happy to send you an extention for free. We want you to be sure that you choose the right software localization tool.

If I start my Delphi application after building it with Sisulizer, I see random chars. What is wrong?

Delphi applications use code pages to display foreign code pages. If you see random chars while testing, then your test system does not have the right code page installed. Please read this article for more information. This Windows behavior is the same for most development systems.

Which Sisulizer Edition is right for me?

There are three editions. Generally, the standard edition is chosen for regular Windows applications, and Android apps. Our Professional edition is required for dotnet software, and comes with more formats. The Enterprise Edition is the right one if you also need to localize server databases, work in a team on the same project, or want to include Sisulizer's command line option into your make file. A complete list of differences can be found here.

What is the difference between Sisulizer and Sisulizer's Free Edition?

You translator gets the complete luxury of the translate part of Sisulizer including the visual editors, translation memory, and all other gadgets. However, the Free Edition cannot scan your project, and the software cannot build localized items. A complete list of differences can be found here.

I created a multi language EXE with Sisulizer. Which language will Windows choose when it is started?

It depends on the Windows version. In Windows NT, the system locale is used to choose the language. On Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows 95/98/ME, the language of the Windows shell specifies the language. In Windows XP, you can also choose the language.

We have three developers. How many licenses do I need?

You need three licenses. From the second license on, you will receive a discount.

My company bought one license. Now we need a second license. Can we get a discount?

Yes, please contact us with your current serial number and we will be more than happy to send you a discount code for a second license.

My current localization solution is not supported and maintained anymore. Can I upgrade to Sisulizer?

Yes, please contact us with information about the product you are using now and we will be more than happy to send you a discount code. With Sisulizer's support for importing translations from a localized file (TMX and XLIFF), you will not lose any translations.

My current localization solution vendor is asking me for a high upgrade fee. Time to switch?

Absolutely. Save money and contact us with information about the product you are using now and we will be more than happy to send you a discount code. With Sisulizer's support for TMX and XLIFF, you will not lose any translations.

What is the best way to convert my translations from another tool to Sisulizer?

The best way is to import the data from the localized application.

  • Create localized files using your old localization tool.
  • Click File > New to create a new Sisulizer project.
  • If your old project contains several files, click Project > Add Source to add additional source files or databases.
  • Right-click the column header of the language that you want to import to, and choose Import to open the Import Wizard.
  • Browse to the localized file name and complete the wizard.

That's all. And you do not lose any translations.

If you are using Multilizer™ 6.x you can simply use File | Open in Sisulizer to import your .mpr file.

So far we use an own solution to localize. It stores all translations into databases. Can Sisulizer help me with that?

Sure. You can use Sisulizer to translate your databases. If you add new forms and string to you project you should use resources. Ths way you can migrate seamless from the old system and profit from Sisulizer's visual editor.

What are the system requirements for the Free Editon?

Your translator does not need to install any runtime to run the Free Edition. The system requierements are the same as for Sisulizer itself.

  • Recommandé: Windows 7,8 ou 10, CPU 1 GHz ou +, 512 Mo RAM, 80 Mo d'espace libre sur le disque dur.
  • Minimum: Windows XP, CPU Pentium ou + , 256 Mo RAM, 40 Mo d'espace libre sur le disque dur.

I'm under a deadline. Can I start to localize with Sisulizer's evaluation version right now?

Yes, you can. You can use all features for 30 days for free. However, before you ship your application, you must buy a license from our shop. We have instant delivery with 24/7 service.

Can Sisulizer be installed on a memory stick (thumb drive)?

Yes, but spell checking will be disabled if the stick is used with a computer where Sisulizer was never installed.

Where do I get support for Sisulizer?

The best way is to visit our forum.

What does Sisu in Sisulizer mean?

Sisu is a Finnish word hardly to translate. You can read about it in Wikipedia.

How do you pronounce Sisulizer?

"Sisu" is a Finnish word and we pronounce it similar as "SeeZoo". For a native french speaker "Sisu" sounds like "Zizou" [zi'zu]. "lizer" is simply pronounced in the american way. But if you talk to us you can pronounce it in the way most comfortable to you - we will get the point ;-).

Where can we read the License Agreement / EULA of Sisulizer

The License Agreement is shown while you do a fresh installation of Sisulizer. You can also read it here.