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Sisulizer 4 is a payés mise à jour recommendée pour tous les clients de Sisulizer 1.x, 2008/2010 et 3.

Update to Sisulizer 4

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Il est temps de mettre à jour à la version 4 pour profiter des nouvelles fonctions des versions 4.

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portée clients internationaux avec le logiciel dans leur langue

pour localiser leurs interne logiciel dans les filiales internationales

construire multilingue logiciel personnalisé pour les entreprises de leurs clients

comme Les fournisseurs de services de localisation parce que c'est l'outil de localisation de leurs clients

pour localiser le logiciel à gouvernement Agences

À enseigner les logiciels localisation dans les universités

pour la localisation de logiciels sur électronique Dispositifs

Traduction de logiciels pour biomédical Matériel

pour localiser le logiciel dans la Mining L'industrie

créer un logiciel mulitlingual pour mécanique Ingénierie


Project Wizard - .NET resource file

Use this sheet to set the options how to localize a .NET resource file.

Exclude all but string types

If checked only strings data types are shown on the edit sheet. All other types are excluded. You can later changed excluded types from source 's property dialog.

Items that localized resource files contain

Specifies what resource items are written to the localized resource files. Possible values are:

Value Description
Different If checked Sisulizer does not write resource items to the localized resource file if the value of the item is the same as the original value. Value is not written even if the user has entered the value in the edit sheet if it equals to the original value.
Translated If checked Sisulizer writes to the localized resource file all those resource items that has a translation (i.e. a translation has been given in the edit sheet).
This is the default value.
All If checked Sisulizer writes all resource items to the localized resource file. If no translation is entered in the edit sheet the original value is used. The structure of the localized resource files are identical to the original ones. Only the translated values are different.

If you keep the default value, Translated, Sisulizer can greatly optimize the size of the resource files. This also will fully enable the build-in language fallback of the platform where you application runs. If you choose All no runtime language fallback is done but fallback is done by Sisulizer on build process. We recommend to use either Translated of Different to enabled optimization and language fallback of the platform. When localizing XAML this options is only used with resource dictionaries. All other XAML resources will always contain all items.

Right to left layout and Set reading order property

Together Right to left layout radio group and Set reading order property check boxes specify how user interface should be modified when localizing to bi-directional languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. Depending on your platform you should set the check boxes in a different way.

Windows forms

Check Set reading order property check box to make Sisulizer to add RightToLeft attributes to bi-directional forms. This sets the reading order of all components of the forms. It also mirrors everything (form and its components) except container components (Panel, GroupBox, TabPage). To mirror container you have three choices:

  1. Check Do not change radio box to not change the layout.
  2. Check Set layout property radio box to make Sisulizer to turn RightToLeftLayoyt property true during the build process.
  3. Check Mirror forms radio box to make Sisulizer to mirror container components during the build process.

If you choose option #1 you should mirror the forms and controls on run time. You can use Sisulizer.WindowsForms.Translate.FlipControl function to mirror containers.

If you uncheck Set reading order property check box you have to set the RightToLeft property of all forms on runtime if the active language is a bi-directional languages.

WPF and Silverlight

Check Set reading order property check box to make Sisulizer to add FlowDirection attribute to bi-directional XAML resources. This sets the reading order and to mirrors the user interface. If you uncheck Set reading order property check box you should to set the FlowDirection property of all forms on runtime if the active language is a bi-directional languages.

Right to left layout radio group is disabled.

Sort items

If checked Sisulizer adds the resource items alphabetically to the resource string node. If unchecked the items are added in the same order as they appear in the original file. Only used with .resx resources.

Normalize white spaces

If checked Sisulizer normalizes the white spaces in the element contents. This means removing multiple soft white spaces between each words. For example if you have following XAML

<Label>This    is    a     sample  text.</Label> 

NewTool will extract the value as "This is a sample text." instead of "This     is    a     sample text.".

Combine Run, Span and text elements

If checked Sisulizer combines Run, Span and text elements that are sub elements of TextBlock. For example if we have

<TextBlock>This is a <Span>simple</Span> <Run>sample</Run>.</TextBlock>

then what is scanned depends in the value of the check box.



Row values



Row 1:

This is a <Span>simple</Span> <Run>sample</Run>..

All sub elements of TextBlock are scanned a single string that contains tag names. You can change the order of each sub element.


Row 1:
Row 2:
Row 3:

This is a

All sub elements of TextBlock are scanned individually using one row per each part. There is no logical connection between each sub elements and you cannot change the order of the elements.